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Mixer machine for concrete

November 9, 2020

The mixer machine for concrete is a necessary and powerful concrete mixing equipment for urban and rural infrastructure. It has a long-term impact on the environment of the entire city. The use of environmentally friendly concrete mixer machine has become an effective method to reduce pollution. The mixing capacity of concrete mixing machine is from 0.5 cubic meter to cubic meter, which can cover most concrete demand for construction projects.

mixer machine for concrete

1, How does the concrete mixer do anti-pollution work

The mixer machine for concrete is the core equipment of environmentally friendly concrete mixing station. It is used for industrial and civil engineering construction such as prefabricated component factories, highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks, etc. The equipment is equipped with high-performance dust removal, silent, and pollution equipment. Enterprises create more economic value with less space investment and lower energy consumption. With the increasing environmental awareness of customers and the continuous promotion of a new generation of environmentally friendly models represented by concrete mixers, zero pollution in urban infrastructure is slowly becoming a reality.


2, Diversified models and specifications of concrete mixer machine

In order to meet the special mixing needs of users in different types of projects in different cities, with mature technology and rich design experience, it has continuously expanded in a variety of environmental protection combinations, specifications and models, so that the concrete mixer can maximize its operating advantages according to different needs. Indirectly save customers unnecessary extra investment costs. At the same time, the pollution degree of concrete mixing can be reduced by 20-40% according to the equipment configuration of the mixer machine for concrete. There is no secondary pollution in the operation of the equipment, and the ideal environmental protection effect of nearly zero pollution and zero emission can be realized.

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