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Concrete mixer for sale philippines

November 3, 2020

A new type of concrete mixer for sale philippines belongs to the technical field of twin-shaft concrete mixer equipment in the construction industry. The transmission device is arranged on one side of the mixing drum assembly, and a discharge is arranged under the transmission device. The door assembly is provided with an upper cover above the mixing drum assembly, and a mixing device is installed inside the concrete mixer. The mixing device is connected with the gearbox set on the transmission device by two main shafts passing through the mixing drum assembly. The shaft end of the outer side of the mixing drum assembly is sealed and connected, and the oil cup provided on the shaft end seal and support is connected with the provided oil supply device and the electrical assembly.

oncrete mixer for sale Philippines

A multi-horizontal-shaft concrete mixer with mixing area to increase concrete mixing rate. The multi-horizontal-shaft concrete mixer for sale philippines includes a shell, a driving device arranged on one side of the shell, and a mixing assembly connected to the driving device and arranged in the shell. The mixing assembly includes an active rod rotatably connected with the shell, and a peripheral side of the active rod. At least two driven rods are provided and a plurality of mixing blades are provided on the driving rod and the driven rod, and a transmission assembly is connected between the driving rod and the driven rod to make the driven rod rotate following the driving rod. After a variety of concrete materials are input into the concrete mixer for sale, the driving device works and drives the active rod to rotate. The active rod drives the driven rod to rotate around it through the transmission assembly, so that the mixing blades on the driving rod and the driven rod simultaneously carry out the concrete raw materials for mixing, the spiral blades of the driven rod can mix the upper and lower sides of the driving rod, so that the spiral blades can mix a circular area, thereby increasing the mixing area of the spiral blades and increasing the mixing rate of concrete mixer for sale Philippines.

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