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Help you know mobile concrete mixer truck structure

April 20, 2017

I believe everyone is familiar with concrete mixer truck, when it comes to the main function of every part of the structure, you may need some help. As a editor of Haomei machinery, I will let you know the relevant information to help you.

mobile concrete mixer truck

The concrete mixer truck is mainly composed of 10 parts: chassis system, hydraulic transmission system, mixing tank, discharging system, cleaning system, auxiliary frame, control system, wheel system, feeding system.
1, chassis systems: main component of mobile concrete mixer truck, the transport function of concrete mixer truck is implemented by the chassis.
2, hydraulic transmission system: turn the engine power into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), then through the motor the output as the mechanical energy (rotational speed and torque), for mixing drum rotation.
3, mixing tank, mixing drum is the key component, it is the container storage of concrete, plays a decisive role in preventing the concrete from curing and segregation .Tank internal blade, and the main mixing and the effect of feed.
4, discharging system is mainly composed of the main discharge groove and locking lever, vice discharge groove is used to extend the length of the main discharge groove.
5, cleaning system: cleaning system is mainly composed of pressure tank, water gun, pipe, valve, etc. Adopts pneumatic water supply, the main effect is flushing hopper after load and washing mixing tube, discharge groove when discharging finished , prevent concrete from bonding.
6, deputy frame: frame is the main load bearing part, working load are almost through its support to the chassis. Deputy frame also help alleviate the road bumps, slow down the formation of impact load. The auxiliary frame consists of main girder, the front desk support frame, the background of brace.
7, control system, the operating system is composed by the controller, the linkage axis, soft shaft and connecting rod mechanism, mainly control mixing drum speed and direction of rotation.
8, roller system: the drum rear connected with auxiliary frame parts, it is used to support roller .
9, feed system, mainly composed of feed hopper and scents, due to the large impact into the hopper it is easy to be wearied, good abrasion resistance material is required, the frame is working for reducing wallop.
10, circuit system: refers to the whole circuit of the mobile concrete mixer truck, including vehicle tail lights, side marker light, in the corridor lights, cooling fan motor, etc.

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