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do not buy a used concrete mixer

April 19, 2017

Concrete mixer is a high return of investment project, many investors will put the invest intention to used concrete mixer equipment because of funding problems. However, though prices of a used concrete mixer is cheap than a new concrete mixer, but it is easy to break down. Haomei remind my friends who are intend to buy it, do not buy a used concrete mixer.

used concrete mixerMany small companies are opportunistic in the market,they follow the small investor’s psychology, they find some used concrete mixers with the quality problems, after dealing with the renovation, sold at a lower price on the market to make profit. Many friends don’t know the fact and buy these bad concrete mixers. But at one hand, to these old concrete mixer equipment, the mixing barrel wall is thin, the maintenance before is bad,so it is easy to break down, the problem affect the capacity directly, at the other hand the cost of a secondhand concrete mixer and maintenance and repair may be higher than buying a new concrete mixer. So, we suggest that don’t buy a used concrete mixer. New concrete mixer has greatly improved both with performance and production process compared with the used concrete mixer. The concrete mixer of Haomei are famous because of “low energy consumption, low noise, no oil environmental protection” , absorbing advanced technology research and development. And its operation is stable with uniform mixing quality, low energy consumption, less investment, small cover area, the equipment is easy to maintain and it is with high production efficiency, good quality of mixing, good appearance, novel structure, light weight, easy to move. The concrete mixer of Haomei is widely popular with the users all over the world. What’s more, Haomei can give you the affordable price with best quality and service!

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