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Planetary Concrete Mixer For Sale

March 11, 2024

Planetary concrete mixer for sale is a new type of high efficient concrete mixing equipment. Its unique mixing form makes the material make complex movement in the kettle body, which is subjected to strong shearing and rubbing, and its efficiency is usually several times of that of ordinary concrete mixers.

Specifically, the planetary concrete mixer has two or three multi-layer blade agitators and one or two automatic scrapers, which rotate around the kettle axis at the same time, but also at different speeds around their own axis of high-speed rotation. This form of movement ensures that the concrete material in the mixing process to achieve a full range of uniform mixing, no matter how different the concrete ratio design, planetary mixer can achieve high homogeneous mixing.

In addition, the planetary concrete mixer also has the following characteristics:

1, Good mixing effect:

Its mixing form makes the materials subject to strong shearing and rubbing in the mixing process, which greatly improves the homogeneity and efficiency of mixing.

2, Strong adaptability:

The planetary mixer is suitable for all kinds of high viscosity and high solid materials, not only limited to concrete, but also can be applied to other fields that need efficient mixing.

3, Low noise and high efficiency:

The planetary concrete mixer adopts planetary gear reducer design, which makes the equipment run with low noise and high mechanical efficiency, and at the same time saves the use of power and reduces the space occupied by the equipment.

4, Simple operation:

The modern control system makes the operation of the planetary mixer equipment easier and improves the working efficiency.

Overall, planetary concrete mixer for sale has become an important equipment in the concrete industry with its unique mixing form and efficient, uniform mixing effect. With the continuous progress of technology, the performance and application scope of planetary concrete mixer will be further improved and expanded.

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