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Concrete Mixer 1 m3

March 4, 2024

The concrete mixer 1 m3, also known as 1 cubic meter concrete or JS1000 concrete mixer, is a commonly used concrete mixing equipment. It has a theoretical output of 1 cubic meter of concrete per hour, which is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized projects or commercial mixing use in villages, counties and other places. There are two main ways to feed this kind of concrete mixer, i.e. hopper feeding and belt feeding, the mixer with hopper feeding method has a smaller footprint and fast installation speed, while the mixer with belt feeding method has a higher output and more stable quality.

concrete mixer 1 m3

The concrete mixer 1m3 is mainly composed of mixing system, transmission system, water supply system, feeding system and electrical control system. Among them, the mixing system is the core of the whole concrete mixer 1 cubic meter equipment, which consists of mixing cylinder, mixing blade, mixing shaft, etc. Through the high-speed rotation of the mixing blade, the concrete raw materials are mixed and stirred. The transmission system is responsible for driving the rotation of mixing blades, which usually consists of electric motor, reducer and transmission shaft. The water supply system of JS1000 concrete mixer is responsible for adding appropriate amount of water into the mixing cylinder to adjust the consistency of concrete. The charging system is responsible for adding all kinds of concrete raw materials, such as cement, sand, stone, etc. into the mixing cylinder. The electrical control system is responsible for controlling the operation of the whole equipment to ensure its normal work and safe use.

In a word, concrete mixer 1 m3 is a kind of efficient and practical concrete mixing equipment, which is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized engineering projects. When choosing to buy it, you need to choose the right model and configuration according to the actual demand and the scale of the project, and pay attention to comparing and evaluating by referring to the market price information, and choose the cost-effective product. At the same time, in the process of use, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the equipment to ensure long-term stable operation and safe production.

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