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Horizontal Shaft Mixer

February 26, 2024

Horizontal shaft mixer is a kind of concrete mixing equipment with a horizontal mixing drum placed horizontally. This kind of concrete mixer usually adopts double-axis or single-axis rotating mixing blades, and through high-speed rotation the components of cement, aggregate, additives and other components in the concrete are forced to mix in order to achieve the effect of uniform mixing. Horizontal concrete mixer has the advantages of high mixing efficiency, homogeneous mixing, simple operation and easy maintenance, so it is widely used in the fields of building engineering, road construction, bridge construction and so on. In addition, horizontal shaft concrete mixer can be customized according to different production requirements, such as changing the shape and number of mixing blades, adjusting the mixing speed and time, etc., to meet the production requirements of different types of concrete.

horizontal shaft mixer

Horizontal shaft mixer has various models, according to different production requirements and concrete types, you can choose different models of horizontal shaft concrete mixer. Take JS concrete mixer as example, it adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixing method, which has the advantages of high mixing efficiency, even mixing, low noise, simple operation and easy maintenance. The models of JS series horizontal double shaft concrete mixer include JS500 concrete mixer, JS750 concrete mixer, JS1000 concrete mixer, JS1500 concrete mixer, JS2000 concrete mixer, JS3000 concrete mixer, JS4000 concrete mixer etc., which indicate that the discharge capacity of the mixer is 0.5 cubic meters, 0.75 cubic meters, 1 cubic meters, 1.5 cubic meters, 2.0 cubic meters, 3.0 cubic meters and 4.0 cubic meters respectively.

It should be noted that when using the horizontal shaft mixer, suitable parameters such as mixing blade, mixing speed and time should be selected according to the specific production requirements and concrete type to ensure the quality and stability of concrete. At the same time, the equipment should also be regularly maintained and serviced to prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the production efficiency.

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