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SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixer For Sale

February 23, 2024

SICOMA twin shaft mixer for sale is recognized high performance concrete mixer machine among so many twin shaft concrete mixer types. Although the price of sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer is higher than other concrete mixer brands, the market share of sicoma mixer is still high, especially in ready mix concrete plants.

SICOMA twin shaft mixer for sale

SICOMA twin shaft mixer for sale improve the productivity and quality of concrete through the following aspects:

High-efficiency mixing capacity:

SICOMA mixer adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixing mainframe, which has high-efficiency mixing capacity. Its unique mixing blade design and high-speed rotating mixing shaft can quickly mix cement, aggregate, additives, etc. evenly, thus shortening the mixing time and improving the concrete production efficiency.

Uniform mixing effect:

During the mixing process, through its unique mixing blades and high-speed rotation of the mixing shaft, SICOMA concrete  mixer can fully mix the various components in the concrete to ensure the quality and stability of the concrete. This homogeneous mixing effect helps to reduce air bubbles and voids in the concrete, improving its compactness and strength.

Precise Control System:

The advanced control system equipped with the SICOMA twin ahsft mixer allows precise control of key parameters such as mixing time, mixing speed, and water dosage to ensure the quality and consistency of the concrete. This precise control system helps to minimize the impact of human error and mishandling on the quality of concrete.

Durable equipment construction:

The high quality materials and stringent production process used in the manufacturing of SICOMA mixers ensures that they are well built for durability. Its mixing blades and mixing shafts are specially treated to resist wear and corrosion, extending the life of the equipment. This durable equipment structure helps to reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost of the equipment, and improve the efficiency of concrete production.

To summarize, SICOMA twin shaft mixer for sale improve concrete production efficiency and quality through their efficient mixing capacity, uniform mixing effect, precise control system and durable equipment structure. This enables the concrete mixing plant to produce high quality concrete quickly and consistently to meet various project requirements.

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