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Portable Concrete Pump For Sale

January 19, 2021

The portable concrete pump for sale is flexible and the placing boom moves freely. It is suitable for conveying mixed materials in horizontal and vertical directions, and even pouring across obstacles. The portable concrete pump truck is widely used in new rural construction and bridge construction.

The portable concrete pump for sale puts the concrete pump on the chassis to pump the concrete of high-rise residential buildings. Generally, it can pump ordinary concrete to a distance of 1000 meters. Compared with the mixing and pump, it can’t mix concrete, but can only be used for transportation. Generally, mobile concrete pump truck is used to pump the ready mix concrete in large urban engineering buildings and cooperate with concrete transit mixers. The concrete mixer and pump is capable of mixing concrete and pumping it to high-rise residential buildings. It can be pumped to 200 meters on the flat ground, with a vertical spacing of 70 meters. It can pump slightly dry concrete and is convenient to move. It is suitable for building houses in rural and urban areas. For road expansion, water conservancy projects and other construction site applications, it is a better choice to use mobile concrete pump for projects that must cast slab concrete on site.

All in all, whether it is a portable concrete pump for sale or a concrete mixing and pump truck, it is all technically professional pumping machinery and equipment, and has long been widely used in major engineering construction industries. The key function is to undertake concrete pouring for the whole process of construction of self-built houses, new roads, highways and bridges, hydraulic engineering dams, and slope protection tunnel construction.

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