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Batching Plant js2000 For Sale

February 2, 2021

The batching plant js2000 is composed of concrete mixer, batching machine, weighing system, powder storage system and automatic control system. The configuration of the concrete batching plant directly affects the user’s investment cost and the life and productivity of the concrete mixing plant. As the core component of the concrete batching plant, the mixing host plays a very important role. Therefore, we must be cautious when purchasing a concrete mixer. The main machine of the HZS120 concrete batching plant of Haomei Machinery adopts a twin-shaft js2000 compulsory concrete mixer with a new type of blade, which has stronger power and higher efficiency.

batching plant JS2000

js2000 concrete mixer, every time it discharges 2 cubic meters of concrete, it is also called 2 cubic meters of concrete mixer. It is a large-scale concrete mixer. Generally, construction projects are rarely used alone, and most of them are used as the main mixing machine for concrete batching plant HZS120. After all, the efficiency and the quality of the concrete produced by the single machine are not as good as the mixing plant. There are two types of concrete mixers for HZS120 concrete mixing plants. One is the js2000 concrete mixing machine, and the other is Sicoma concrete mixer, the customer can decide the specific choice according to their actual situation.


Customers who purchase batching plant js2000 often ask several questions. There are multiple mainframes of HZS120 batching plant, and the power and power of HZS120 batching plant are introduced above. The weight of HZS120 concrete batching plant is 7.5t. Different users have different requirements and weights will vary. This data is for reference only.


When purchasing concrete mixing equipment, some customers will first ask about the price, followed by quality and other aspects, but there is no accurate figure for the price of either the batching plant js2000. Because its price will be affected by many market factors and constantly change. For example, the materials used in the HZS120 concrete batching plant produced by each manufacturer are different, especially the wearing parts determine its price. The change in the quality of the material leads to the difference in quality, and the price is high and low. There are also many types of concrete mixing plants and mixers. The prices of equipment of different manufacturers and different configurations are different. For customers who want to know the price of HZS120 concrete mixing plants or their hosts, you can first determine your configuration needs, if you don’t know the configuration, please contact us and we will make detailed configuration plan planning and quotation for you according to your needs.

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