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Batching Plant Mobile China

February 5, 2021

Haomei Machinery is an experienced batching plant mobile china manufacturer with 25-90m3/h equipment supply. Under the premise of meeting the output and quality of concrete and cement, the requirements of rapid installation, flexible movement, convenient relocation, mass production, environmental protection and efficient construction are realized by mobile concrete batching plant. Especially suitable for all kinds of roads, bridges, dams, airports, electric power and other mobile construction sites and construction production bases.

batching plant mobile china

As a small concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete batching plant requires light weight, convenient transportation, less installation infrastructure and low decomposition cost. Therefore, batching plant mobile china equipment usually uses a two-stage process, cumulative measurement method. Silo is a big burden for mobile concrete batching plant, reducing the capacity of the silo is a necessary means to reduce the weight and volume of the batching plant equipment. However, sometimes when the volume of the silo is reduced, the supply may be interrupted. Therefore, a material supply device with good fluidity is required.


The batching plant mobile china adopts wheel-type rapid motion design, and the transmission field is simple and convenient. No matter where high-quality concrete products are needed, mobile concrete batching plants are a kind of equipment for handling different businesses. The mobile concrete mixing plant can be installed quickly. The structure of the whole machine is compact and reasonable. Most of the functions of the mobile batching plant are completed on the traction chassis, so that the collection, weighing, lifting and mixing are integrated, which is easy to move and rotate. Mobile concrete mixing plant is developed on the basis of stationary concrete mixing plant. The material storage, weighing, transportation, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the concrete mixing plant are concentrated on the semi-trailer, with compact structure and good overall performance.

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