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Dry Mobile Concrete Plant

February 22, 2021

As a manufacturer of dry mobile concrete plant, Haomei Machinery produce mobile concrete batching plant with mixing capacity of 25-90m3/h. In the hot summer environment, mobile concrete plant manufacturer more concerned about the operation of the concrete batching plant equipment. The mobile concrete batching plant will be exposed to high temperature for a long time. Compared with maintenance in other seasons, if we want to make the equipment run better, we need to perform multiple maintenance. So, do you know the precautions for using dry mix mobile concrete batching plant in summer?

dry mobile concrete plant

The special weather conditions in summer require the construction of dry mobile concrete plants to do high temperature prevention work, not only to prevent machine failures, but also to do well in heatstroke prevention and cooling work for staff.


First of all, the working environment of the dry mobile concrete plant is basically open air, so the mobile concrete batching plant itself does not have the function of preventing heatstroke and cooling, so it is necessary to spray water on the spot every hour to reduce the relative temperature of the entire environment. All equipment should be avoided as much as possible. Check the circuit frequently, observe the heat dissipation of the motor, and prevent the motor from overheating and causing the motor to burn.


In addition, the mobile concrete batching plant must be operated for a period of time to dissipate heat in a timely manner, and the tank truck for transporting concrete must be repaired in time. The concrete mixer truck should be placed in a cool and ventilated environment as much as possible, and tires should be checked frequently to cool the concrete transit mixer.


Secondly, during the production process of the dry mobile concrete plant in summer, the person in charge of each locality must further do a good job in safety, improve safety management awareness, earnestly implement safety responsibilities, strengthen daily safety inspections, timely discover and eliminate various safety hazards, and strengthen safety training and education , Effectively improve the management capabilities of employees, and continue to implement a standardized operation system for safe production.

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