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Mini Batch Concrete Mix Plant

March 2, 2021

The productivity of mini batch concrete mix plant is about 25-60m3/h, which has small invest cost and fast installation. The supporting equipment such as mixing system, electric control system, conveying system, cement warehouse of mini concrete batching plant are all selected from the manufacturer’s accessories, good equipment materials, equipped with our 25 years of construction machinery and equipment manufacturing technology and experience, plus the current environmental protection, energy saving, and automation technology that we have incorporated, although the equipment is small, the performance is not simple.

mini batch concrete mix plant

The mini batch concrete mix plant equipment is reasonably designed, such as the mixing platform, the metering platform and the lifting system platform to fully meet the needs of inspection and maintenance equipment. When an external protective layer is required, it can still provide more daily working space. The mini concrete batching plant are available in stationary and mobile types. No matter which method is installed faster, the installation of other supporting facilities such as the control room and batching station can be ready for production within two to four days.


The mini batch concrete mix plant uses a hoisting and hoisting hopper for feeding. The hopper and track are designed to efficiently load and dump aggregates, greatly reducing the area occupied by the site and running time. The small batch concrete mixing plant requires less investment, small space occupation, less equipment, simple equipment maintenance, and safe and convenient equipment operation.

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