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Concrete Mixer Station Double HZS120

March 10, 2021

The concrete mixer station is also known as concrete mixer plant, which has large mixing capacity and automatic control system. With the needs of my country’s construction projects, the demand for concrete has increased, and the amount of consultations for large-scale concrete mixing plants and dual-machine concrete mixing plants has increased. Customers often inquire about equipment models such as double HZS120 concrete mixing plants, double HZS180 concrete mixing plants, and double HZS240 concrete mixing plants.

concrete mixer station

The double HZS120 concrete mixer station is a concrete mixing plant equipped with two JS2000 concrete mixers, which is twice the output of the single HZS120 concrete mixing plant. The theoretical output per hour is 240 cubic meters of concrete. How many tons of the double HZS120 concrete mixing plant weight? The single weight is about 110500-118000 kg , If you add a blender, it will be heavier.


The floor area of the concrete mixing plant directly affects the selection of the location of the concrete mixing plant, so it is also one of the more important parameters of the HZS120 concrete mixing plant. So how big is the area of the double HZS120 concrete mixing station? Under normal circumstances, the HZS120 concrete mixing station covers an area of 10-15 acres, but the area is affected by the feeding method. Generally, the floor area of the bucket belt is less than the area of the HZS120 concrete mixing station of the belt feeding. The loading area is between 10-12 acres, and the flat belt loading area is between 12-15 acres.


The double HZS120 concrete mixer station inclined belt conveyor conveys the horizontal belt conveyor to the aggregate of the sand collecting hopper, which is composed of a transmission device, an upper roller, a lower support rod, a steering roller, a vertical fastening device, a frame, a bracket, head cover, funnel, rubber conveyor belt and glass fiber cover. The inclined belt conveyor is also equipped with a conveyor belt deviation control device. A balance weight is installed in the middle of the diagonal belt conveyor to adjust the tension. Two LXK3-20/B stroke switches are installed on both sides of the inclined belt conveyor for emergency shutdown.

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