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Concrete Pump Truck Cost To Buy

April 7, 2021

The concrete pump truck cost to buy quoted by Haomei Machinery is really a reasonable price than other concrete pump manufacturers. The concrete pump truck, commonly known as the boom concrete pump, is specially developed for the market. It can easily cope with the construction site and is widely used in the construction of new rural houses, commercial houses and other civil constructions. Under the increasingly mature trend of the concrete pump industry, customers have more and more diversified requirements for concrete pumps due to different construction projects. Haomei Machinery has never stopped on the road of innovation. Following the independent research and development of trailer pumps, truck mounted pumps and other ace products, concrete boom pump, which is more suitable for medium and large sized concrete pouring equipment, has been very popular as soon as it is launched!

concrete pump truck cost to buy

The concrete pump truck cost to buy is a little higher than trailer concrete pump because it integrates the functions of conveying and distributing. It comes with a full hydraulic boom system for distributing. It is equipped with wireless remote control, which is safe and convenient, and pumps efficient. Moreover, the concrete pump truck cost is related with high degree of automation, which can be operated by one person, saving labor costs. The concrete pump truck equipment is driven by a diesel engine and equipped with support legs, which is efficient in construction and saves time and effort. The concrete pump truck can automatically switch between high and low pressure and has a high outlet pressure. It can meet the demanding requirements of long-distance transportation of high-quality concrete. The vertical height of the pump is up to 57 meters. It is an ideal construction equipment for new-type rural construction, high-speed rail, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports, etc.


The concrete construction advantages of concrete pump truck cost to buy are as follows:

1, The utilization rate of the boom pump is very high, which means that the power generated by the equipment is maximized to do useful work, and the pumping speed are both high.

2, The concrete pump truck has its own arm frame for distributing, which integrates pumping, distributing and driving. It is very convenient during construction, convenient and fast when distributing, and the pumping speed is fast. The work efficiency is very high, allowing you to save time for placing pipe, reduce the rate of pipe blockage. The precautions for the concrete pump boom type in the stretched day must be strictly implemented.

3, When designing the outriggers of the concrete pump truck, in order to adapt to the narrow space, specially designed so that their outriggers occupies a small area after unfolding, but the stability of the whole machine is not affected.

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