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Portable Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

February 18, 2022

The portable ready mix concrete batch plant has outstanding features of easy move, high degree automation and high efficiency. To ensure the productivity, so as to protect equipment at the same time, before it works, we should inspect the portable ready mix concrete plant equipment carefully. How much do you know about the inspection items of the mobile ready mix concrete plant before work? Let’s learn together!


If abnormal phenomena are found during the inspection process, we should find out the reasons and eliminate them. The inspection position should be whether there is leakage of lubricating oil in the front reducer and plunger pump of the engine, and the control device should be in the neutral position. However, it should be noted that if the mixing drum and the engine start to rotate at the same time, a dangerous situation may occur, so be sure to pay attention. When the engine is preheating, whether there is abnormal sound in the variable pump, and whether there is abnormal sound in the reducer of the portable ready mix concrete batch plant.

portable ready mix concrete batch plant

Whether the feeding rotation and discharging rotation of the mixing drum are in normal state, whether the working rotation can be carried out normally, and whether the locking lever in the cab is locked. Note that during inspection, do not touch the rotating position of the portable concrete batching plant with your hands. The function of the safety locking mechanism is mainly to prevent the mixing drum loaded with ready-mixed concrete. During the driving process of the mobile concrete mixing plant, the material is rotated because the control handle is blocked by branches or other obstacles.


Pay attention to the fact that the portable ready mix concrete batch plant must not discharge the concrete during the driving process, otherwise it will cause danger to pedestrians and vehicles behind.

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