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  • QT4-15 Brick Making Machine

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    Size of Pallet:850×550×16(PVC plate)
    Vibration Frequency:50-90Hz
    Maximum Excitation Force:50KN
    Molding Cycle:15-20S
    Installed Capacity:21KW

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    QT4-15 brick making machine is the most popular model in the block machine family because of its low price and high quality, the whole brick machine line is configurated with PLD1200 batching machine and JS500 concrete mixer.

    Small model QT4-15 block making machine provides an intelligent operating platform that helps machine operators stay in total control. The brick machine works relatively fast, delivering high productivity. If you are in need of a high-efficiency brick making machine, please feel free to contact one of our technicians or sales representatives with your specific requirements.

    The equipment structure is simple and practical, outlook is novel and attractive, in addition to produce permeable brick, it is particularly suited to the production of standard bricks, replacement of mold can produce many kinds of paving brick, hollow brick, curb stone etc.

    Main Technical Parameters of QT4-15 Block Machine

    Raw Material Sand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
    Usage To Produce Hollow Block, Solid Brick, Porous Block, Paving Brick, Interlocking Brick and Paver Through Exchange the Mould
    Pallet Size 1020×570×30mm(Wood Pallet)
    1020×570×20mm(PVC Pallet)
    Hydraulic Pressure 16MPA
    Exciting Force 380KN
    Forming Cycle 15 -20 Seconds
    Vibration Type Table Vibration
    Power 27.5kw
    Vibration Frequency 4600/min
    Workers 5 Persons
    Land Area 1000m²
    Weight 8600KG
    Block Machine Size 6800×16

    Theoretical yield table of QT4-15 brick machine

    Brick Specifications Samples pcs/mold pcs/h pcs/8h 1 year (300 days)
    4 720 5760 24338m3
    8 1440 11520 25600m3
    Dutch Bricks
    14 2520 20160 120960m2
    Dog-Bone Bricks
    8 1440 11520 114059m2
    Zigzag Bricks
    12 2160 17280 131241m2
    Perforated Bricks
    12 2160 17280 5.18 million pcs
    Solid Bricks
    24 4320 34560 10.37 million pcs

    brick making machine manufacturer

    1) Classic vibration mode, particularly suitable for production of high-strength blocks, such as standard bricks. Short molding cycles, and higher efficiency.
    1) Vibration machine for efficient vibrator, exciting force powerful, the density effect of better products.
    2) Forming large area, can produce a variety of cement products, a wide range of production.
    3) Compulsory mechanical positioning, infantry expected rapid, uniform and manufactures precision, consistency, good.
    4) PLC automatic control systems, interactive user interface, the control system, security configuration logic control, production procedures and fault diagnosis display.
    5) The low cost of production, raw materials, make full use of sand, stone powder, flour, coal ash, slag, and other residue.

    1. Haomei factory covering 200,000㎡, 500 workers, 35 engineers, and 90 technicians.
    2. HAOMEI provide full support on Installation&Training. We provide the block machine installation on customers’ local site. And promise to train the brick makers until customer can operate the brick machine expertly.
    3. With independent right to export, HAOMEI is one of the first company in China to export the block making machine to overseas market. Until now, HAOMEI has exported to 106 countries and region all over the world.
    4. Certificate: EU CE, ISO9001, ISO Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
    5. 50 technicians work overseas to do the service for our customers in different countries.

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