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Is it more affordable to rent concrete mixer than to buy a new one

April 6, 2017

To rent or to buy a concrete mixer, that is a question! As the concrete mixer is widely used in building, bridge, road engineering projects,it is time to make a choice weather to buy or rent for many friends,which one is better? Here are some points:

 rent concrete mixer

1, To compare with the expense: to buy a new equipment need one-time expense of the full amount and transport costs, but to rent concrete mixer you need first quarter or half a year’s rental fee only, it seems that to rent is more affordable than to buy,but when it comes to the long term spending,it is different. To buy a new concrete mixer,you don’t need to pay any cost after buying it,to rent you need pay more as the subsequent payment every year. The rental is continue spending, so the expense to rent is more than to buy.
2, To compare with the perspective of after-sales and maintenance: if buying a concrete mixer ,many manufacturers will provide a few years of free maintenance.
And they will provide the necessary technical guidance and the maintenance also.
After-sales service is perfect, professional staff members are responsible for maintenance.From this perspective, to buy is superior to rent.
3, To compare with the long-term using time. To buy a new concrete mixer, the performance is good, easy to maintenance , the using period is long. To rent an equipment may not be entirely new, however, it cannot assure quality,maybe there are many problems while using it,the using period is short.

Take all these points into considered,to buy a new concrete mixer is better than to rent concrete mixer. If you are looking for a good manufacturer,let me introduce Haomei to you.The concrete mixer of Haomei has good mixing quality. The concrete mixer can produce high quality concrete in only 30 seconds.Adopting to the gear reducer drive,the mixer presents better mixing ability and extraordinarily high productivity. What’s more,Haomei provide all the professional service you need, not matter about installment, equipment debugging,on site operation and maintenance. So far as now, our concrete mixers are sold in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Congo, Nigeria, Singapore, Ghana, Russia, Chile, Philippines, Kenya, Armenia, etc

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