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Let us learn more about JS500

April 6, 2017

JS500 concrete mixer is a superior product of Haomei machinery. It is widely used in worldwide as one of the industrial concrete mixers. So let us learn more information about it. Js series is also called dual-axial mixing machine. It is mainly used for mixing of various kinds of powder material. The aggregate can be wet fly ash, calcium carbide sludge, phosphorus gypsum, sand, slag, etc. It is mainly used for all kinds of standard brick production lines. concrete mixer

Structure characteristics: JS dual-axial mixing machine is mainly composed of casing, spiral, drive shaft assembly, piping, cover plate, chain cover parts. The shell is mainly composed of plate and steel structure, welding inside the factory, and together with other parts to support double shaft mixer. Shell sealed tight, there will be no fly ash in public or ash leakage. The screw shaft assembly is the main component of dual-axis mixer. It is composed of screw shaft, bearing sleeve, bearing cover, gear, sprocket, oil cup, blade and other parts.

Operating procedures :1, the check before use. press switch, check whether the switch operation is flexible,whether the vibrator, roller motion and ejecting rod is normal,whether the intertwining of wire rope on the drum,whether the rise and fall of the bottles machine is normal. If there is any barrier, notify the mechanical and electrical team to handle it before use the concrete mixer again. 2, each feeding can not too much, according to the ratio of feeding, pay attention to the water cement ratio.Uniform mixing, stirring time shall not be less than one minute each time. 3, a regular worker for operation, the driver should be familiar with the principle of the operating system,and stop the machine immediately to check once there are problems. 4, Take good care of and protect the electric parts, prevent it from damage. 5, the ground under the concrete mixer should be flat, workers shouldn’t stand under the agitator funnel, in case of hurting when the funnel fall down. 6, when stops the rail temporary, the worker should start the mixer every 20 minutes, prevent concrete solidification,or pour out the concrete in the roller and wash the drum with water. 7, after concrete pouring down, the cylinder and the conversion of the mortar should be timely to rinse clean with water. Clean the hopper once per class, in order to make the feed material down into right position, coating a layer of oil on the appearance for next time use.

Haomei welcome customers all over the world warmly , we firmly believe that science and technology to create the brand, the good faith cast magnificently. Our professional products – industrial concrete mixers are famous. We will always provide more excellent products and services to return society as before.

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