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The Profit of Rmc Batching Plant

August 4, 2021

In recent years, with the increasing number of construction projects, rmc batching plant have become more and more popular and have broad business opportunities. Profit is an issue that every investor cares about, so what is the profit of investing in a ready mix concrete batching plant?

rmc btaching plant

First of all, in the face of a better market situation, the larger the scale of the ready mix concrete plant, the higher the profit. For example, in the case of low market competition and large market share, using a large ready mix concrete batching plant like HZS240, the annual output is more than 600,000 cubic meters, and the gross profit minus on-site cost and profit are still very objective. , But if the scale of the rmc batching plant is small, the production profit of HZS90 concrete batching plant will be much lower than this gross profit, and the profit after deduction of manpower, equipment depreciation and site is not much.


However, if the market situation is not good and the competitive pressure is high, then the profits of small scale enterprises can be smaller. Take HZS90 rmc batching plant as an example, the annual output of HZS90 ready mix concrete batching plant is relatively small, about 200,000 cubic meters. Due to fierce competition, gross profit is declining, and gross profit is 1 million dollars per year. After removing other costs, there is still a profit of about 0.6 million dollars. But if it is replaced with HZS240 concrete mixing plant, the annual production capacity is about 600,000 cubic meters, and the gross profit is 1 million dollars. However, due to the high cost of ready mix concrete plant equipment and labor, the actual profit of the enterprise may not be higher than or even lower than that of small enterprise.

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