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Mobile Concrete Batch Plant Price

August 10, 2021

Get good mobile concrete batch plant price from Haomei Machinery by Email or whatsapp, we will reply very soon! Mobile concrete batch plants are more suitable for small projects and frequently moving projects. If a commercial mixing station is to be built, Haomei Machinery still recommend the use of large stationary concrete batch plants. Many road construction projects abroad have completed a section of the road and need to go to the next location. Therefore, the mobile concrete batch plant used must be moved frequently.

mobile concrete batch plant price

The specific manifestation of mobile concrete batching plant are:

First, The mobile concrete batching plant has tires and a fixed roller platform, which covers an overall area, which is convenient for moving the machine and transferring the site.

Second, exempt the foundation.

Third, the control system is more intelligent, stable and reliable, with multiple auxiliary functions such as replenishing scale, buckling scale, continuous production, and intelligent alarm.

Fourth, there are fewer wearing parts, because the new wear-resistant technology used in the mobile concrete batch plant is more durable, and the wearing parts are 10% less than the domestic fixed station.

Fifth, the concrete quality operation is more transparent, all the weighing parameters of the ingredients are clear at a glance, and the weighing proportion can be directly controlled by manual intervention.


The main feature of the mobile concrete batch plant is its small footprint and low mobile concrete batch plant price cost. The customer was very satisfied with our company’s mobile concrete batching plant. When the equipment was put into production, it is easy to operate and learn, and you can master it well by practicing it yourself. The after-sales team of Haomei Machinery also patiently guides the issues that need to be paid attention to during the use process. Instruct customers to perform regular maintenance and check equipment conditions. When the mobile concrete batch plant are put into actual production, the whole set of mobile concrete batching plant equipment will bring very good benefits to customers in the short term.

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