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Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer Price

July 6, 2021

The sicoma mao concrete mixer price of model SICOMA MAO 2000, SICOMA MAO 3000, SICOMA MAO 4000 are great on the market now. The installation and maintenance of the twin shaft SICOMA concrete mixer is very convenient! This has also become the best concrete mixing machine choice for many concrete batching plants. The multiple shaft end seal protection and manual lubricating oil pump are equipped to protect the SICOMA MAO twin shaft concrete mixer. The design of multi-pipe and multi-channel water spraying system also enables the water to be sprayed evenly to the greatest extent.

sicoma mao concrete mixer price

Concrete mixer manufacturers do not only offer good sicoma mao concrete mixer price, but also high quality equipment, the performance advantages of SICOMA concrete mixer are:

1, Equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection devices and wind pressure sealing protection devices, effectively preventing the occurrence of slurry leakage;

2, The unique concrete mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the gearbox, unloading pump, and electric lubricating oil pump at any time;

3, Equipped with a dedicated centralized lubricating oil pump for SICOMA concrete mixer, running time can be programmed independently, waterproof, dustproof and excellent performance;

4, Multi-pipe multi-channel water spray system, water can be sprayed evenly;

5, The whole concrete mixer machine is restructured and designed for stable operation;

6, Equipped with an enhanced gearbox, strong load capacity, military materials, and high-precision processing, longer service life;

7, Optional gearbox filter cooling system, oil-free water-cooled shaft end sealing system, camera system, high-pressure cleaning system, weighing protection system, microwave humidity measurement system.


Please do not only attention the sicoma mao concrete mixer price, the excellent performance in deceleration monitoring and anti-leakage operation are also important. This SICOMA concrete mixer product is equipped with a dedicated electric lubricating oil pump, and exclusively uses four independent pump cores to directly supply oil to the four shaft heads, without the use of a diverter valve, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also its best stability.

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