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Concrete Mixer Machine Price

July 2, 2021

The concrete mixer machine price is the most frequently asked question of various types of compulsory concrete mixers. But basically all concrete mixer machine manufacturers give an interval price value. This is because the prices of compulsory concrete mixer machine produced by different manufacturers are quite different. That is related to the model, process craft, steel material, configuration, spare parts and key component brand.

concrete mixer machine price

The concrete mixer is often used as a stand-alone machine, with good mixing quality, low energy consumption, low price, low investment, small floor space, and easy maintenance of equipment. It is an ideal machine for various construction sites and small and medium-sized component factories. The overall concrete mixer machine price is lower, but the price varies depending on the model. The common models of concrete mixer machine on the market are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000, all of which have the following characteristics:


1, The produced concrete is of good quality

The mixing is even, the workability and compactness of the concrete are good, the strength is high, and the tensile and flexural resistance are strong.


2, The production of concrete is highly efficient

The concrete is evenly mixed, the quality is good, and the mixing speed is fast, realizing the high-quality and efficient completion of the concrete construction.


3, The whole machine is easy to move

Due to the small size of the concrete mixer, the whole machine has the characteristics of convenient transportation, simple installation, labor-saving, and the construction site and construction weather are not restricted.


4, Smooth movement and low noise

The concrete mixer machine has a mechanism of mechanical balance, which limits the vibration and noise to a small degree.


5, Reliable use and long life

Because the main parts are made of high-carbon chromium steel materials, they have been quenched to obtain high strength, and part of the transmission contact uses rolling friction, so it is durable and has a long life.


6, Reasonable design and convenient maintenance

Easy to disassemble and install, fewer parts and simple lubrication make the small concrete mixer deeply trusted by users.

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