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Twin shaft sicoma mixers for sale

September 24, 2019

Sicoma mixers are double-shaft commercial concrete mixer, which is known for its high reliability, high efficiency, environmental protection and trouble-free operation. Since the production of sicoma concrete mixer, it can produced 1.2 million m3 of concrete, but the shaft end seal has not been replaced, and there is no such phenomenon that the shaft end is damaged or oil leakage occurs. From the appearance, the shaft end of the concrete mixer that is working is very clean, and the paint remains in the factory.

sicoma mixers

The shaft end seal of the concrete mixer has always been a technical problem in the concrete mixer industry. Since the agitator shaft end of the mixer is always in a high-load operation, it is a high-wearing component, and it is easy to cause seal damage and cause slurry leakage. The sicoma concrete mixer innovatively uses a quadruple shaft end seal with two steel shaft head guard rings between the side mixing arm and the shaft head to prevent coarse sand from entering. When there is an air passage in the steel ring and a certain pressure of air is applied to the air passage, a pressure protection pad is formed at the side of the side stirring arm and the shaft head, so that the water and the mud do not contact the shaft head, thereby effectively extending the service life of the concrete mixer.

The unique monitoring system of the sicoma mixers can monitor the oil volume and temperature of the gearbox; it can monitor the working state of the lubricating oil pump; it is equipped with a monitor and an alarm that can be added in the operating room. When the operating state is abnormal, the alarm automatically alarms, which can be realized remotely in the operating room. monitor.

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