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Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

May 15, 2023

As a concrete production equipment, different sizes need to use different types of concrete batching plant, so which type of concrete batching plant is suitable used for concrete production at your production line site? About the concrete batching plant model selection, it is also an important task in choosing a concrete mixing plant, how to select a concrete mixing plant? Mixing plant selection can consider the following aspects for reference.


First, the scale of production

The scale of production is one of the factors for judging the model of small mobile concrete batching plant. For example, if the annual production, monthly production, daily production and hourly production are judged, the model of concrete batching plant with sometimes production capacity of 25 square meters – 270 square meters per hour can choose the model of mobile concrete batching plant with theoretical production slightly larger than the actual production.

small mobile concrete batching plant

Second, the construction site

The size of the site and the situation of the construction site are important factors in selecting the type and type of small mobile concrete batching plant. According to the topography of the construction site, the resources and the financial situation of the customer, you can also choose whether to use HZS concrete mixing plant or mobile concrete batching plant.


Third. Other ancillary equipment

The specifications of the mixer should be matched with the loading capacity of the mixer truck and the unloading capacity. Improper matching will affect the working efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should be matched with the production capacity of the batching machine of the small mobile concrete batching plant.

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