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Cement Mixer Plant

May 22, 2023

In general, the process of cement mixer plant equipment generally includes six aspects: site, feeding system, feeding, operation, shutdown and safety. For a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, each process should be stable, accurate and efficient. The specific production process of the cement mixing plant is as follows:

cement mixer plant

The concrete production process is mainly composed of four links: material bin, material scale, aggregate hopper and concrete mixer. Among them, the material bin and material scale are the batching system, responsible for accurately feeding raw materials according to the value set in the formula, and the aggregate hopper and concrete mixer are the mixing system, responsible for concrete mixing and discharging.


The automatic control system of the concrete batching plant realizes precise and continuous control over all links in the concrete production process. First, the material warehouse automatically puts the material on the material scale according to the ingredients value set in the formula, and the system automatically stops discharging the material through the weight value collected by the material scale. The weight value automatically stops discharging, and the two discharges ensure the accuracy of the batching amount.


At the same time, the system of cement mixer plant adopts the method of online calculation of impulse, and adjusts the magnitude of impulse in real time according to the actual situation, further ensuring the accuracy of ingredients. The excess material calculated according to the actual value and the set value will remain on the material scale and participate in the next plate of batching. After all the feeding is completed, the stirring timing will be calculated, and the electric bell will notify the completion of concrete production.

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