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Concrete Mixer Supplier Malaysia

May 29, 2023

Select concrete mixer supplier malaysia, Haomei Machinery can be your first choice, high quality first and low cost followed. Excellent mixing technology, compact and beautiful structural design, and green and environmentally friendly working mode make more and more users choose and trust Haomei concrete mixer. If you are looking for a concrete mixer machine supplier suitable for your production, you might come to Haomei Machinery to have a look at this JS concrete mixer, we look forward to your arrival.

concrete mixer supplier malaysia

The best concrete mixer supplier malaysia – Haomei Machinery have summarize the routine maintenance of the concrete mixer:

  1. Before the concrete mixer works every day, there is no need to rush to produce, but to add water and run idling for 1-2 minutes, check the status of the clutch and brake, so that the equipment can be put into normal production.
  2. During the operation of the concrete mixer, the motor, reducer and vibration noise should be observed from time to time. If abnormal noise or temperature rise is found, stop immediately to find out the problem.
  3. After the concrete mixer works every day, it needs to be cleaned to remove the dirt and obstacles in the mixer in time.
  4. The daily lubrication work cannot be ignored. Regularly check the lubrication of the mixer, and replace or add lubricating oil to avoid damage to bearings and other components due to improper lubrication.
  5. After the concrete mixer has been in operation for a period of time, we need to check the wear and tear of the components and the fastening of the bolts, and deal with or replace any abnormalities in time.
  6. In addition to daily maintenance, concrete mixer supplier malaysia – Haomei Machinery recommend the overall equipment should be maintained once every three months or half a year to avoid troubles caused by minor faults.

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