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Stationary concrete batch plants 25-240m3/h

June 17, 2019

The stationary concrete batch plants 25-240m3/h has stable concrete production performance and high efficiency. The technical standard and quality of concrete batching plant equipment directly affects the quality of concrete production, thus ensuring the good performance of concrete batching plant is the key to improving the quality of concrete. The stationary concrete batching plant should not only from the design level of concrete performance of ascension, but also in daily use process reasonable maintenance to ensure its performance.

stationary concrete batch plants

Below, we will introduces the quality control management method for stationary concrete batching plant.
1, Ensure measurement accuracy.
The batching metering system is an important part of the production factors of the concrete batch plants. The concrete batching plant must be automatically controlled by computer and electronically metered. When the concrete mix ratio is input into the computer, the electronic scale accurately measures the raw materials required for the concrete, and the concrete is strictly compounded according to the mix ratio, which greatly reduces the dispersion of the concrete. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the standard, the measurement error of water, cement and external admixture shall not exceed ±1%, and the measurement error of sand and gravel shall not exceed ±2%. Periodically, a qualified verification institution shall be used for metrological verification, and at the same time, the electronic weighing scale shall be It should be checked during the period.
2, Determine the reasonable mixing time.
The mixing time is set according to the type of the mixer, the admixture or the external admixture, the transportation time, the slump size, etc., generally not less than 120s.
3, Strengthen process testing.
In the concrete production process, the on-duty tester should randomly check the performance index of the concrete slump and other mixes. If there is an abnormal situation, the cause should be identified and measures taken in time, and the unqualified concrete is not allowed to leave the stationary concrete batch plants.

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