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How to choose the best concrete mixer for stationary concrete batching plant

November 6, 2018

The most important equipment about a stationary concrete batching plant is the JS forced concrete mixer. The concrete mixer is the heart of concrete mixing stations, the quality of the forced concrete mixer directly affects the output capacity, the failure rate and the service life, so the user chooses the concrete mixer when purchasing the complete stationary concrete mixing plant is crucial. Here are some options for selecting the concrete mixer for concrete batching plant.

stationary concrete batching plant

The concrete mixer on the HZS concrete batching plants is JS forced twin shaft concrete mixers. The mixing tank is stable, the stirring shaft rotates through the stirring arm to drive the mixing blades to force the stirring of the material in the mixing tank. The stirring effect is strong and the mixture can be mixed into homogenous concrete in a short time. The JS twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of transmission, shaft end seal, cylinder and liner assembly, lubrication device, unloading system and stirring device. It should be noted that the maximum bone particle size of the concrete mixer supported by the hzs concrete batching plant in the selection is in full compliance with the relevant provisions, and has the ability to instantaneously overload 10%. According to the needs of users, the order and supply of various materials are set, the amount and mixing time can make the concrete batching plant operate normally according to the setting procedure.

In addition, the mixing ability of the concrete mixer determines the produce capacity of the stationary concrete batching plant, so, when purchasing a full set of concrete batching plant, the model selection is about the model of concrete mixer.

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