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Fixed Concrete Batching Plants

The fixed concrete batching plants puts various sand, gravel, cement, additives and other raw materials into the concrete mixer to stir to make concrete. Although each concrete batching plant manufacturer has various publicity methods, the basic principle and structure are the same. At present, most of the stationary concrete batching plant equipment on the market is a centralized computer control console. …

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Stationary Batch Plants Models and Price

Stationary batch plants HZS series are the popular models which is welcomed by construction projects on the market. Whether it is used for engineering or ready mix concrete producing, the commonly used stationary concrete batching plant models are HZS25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 and 240. In addition, if there are concrete batching plant manufacturers tell you that there …

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High Quality Stationary Batching Plant

When buying a stationary batching plant, we Haomei Machinery suggest you to choose a reliable concrete batching plant manufacturer. Because there are many products in the market, when buying, how to choose stationary concrete batching plant products with excellent quality has become an important point that everyone cares about. Today, I will tell you how to choose a high-quality concrete …

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Stationary batching plants with long service

When buying stationary batching plants, customers not only look at the quality and price, but also attach great importance to one issue, that is, the service life. The stationary concrete batching plant equipment that customers do not expect to purchase has a short service life despite looking cheap. Our company Haomei Machinery specializes in the production of concrete batching plants …

Buy stationary concrete plant low prices

Buy stationary concrete plant low prices

The stationary concrete plant is a large-scale automatic production equipment for concrete, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, long service life, and professional and reliable. It is the best choice for ready mix concrete manufacturers and concrete users. At present, there are many manufacturers of stationery concrete batching plants, with different sizes and different scales. Due to technical reasons …

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Stationary concrete batching plant factory tell you the management skills

In recent years, we have found that many construction enterprise and ready mix concrete company need to purchase concrete batching plant for sale, in order to complete construction project or increase the productivity of commercial concrete. The stationary concrete batching plant of ready mix concrete company, the production line is large, so it needs a plan to mange the station …

stationary concrete batching plant

How to choose the best concrete mixer for stationary concrete batching plant

The most important equipment about a stationary concrete batching plant is the JS forced concrete mixer. The concrete mixer is the heart of concrete mixing stations, the quality of the forced concrete mixer directly affects the output capacity, the failure rate and the service life, so the user chooses the concrete mixer when purchasing the complete stationary concrete mixing plant is …

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Welcome to visit Haomei Machinery on Jakarta International Expo

What a good news! Haomei Machinery will attend Jakarta International Expo on Sep 13 – Sep 16, it’s our pleasure to invite you to visit our booth! We will have several experienced sales manager to attend this Expo, I am sure they will help you a lot on your business! As we already have sold many Concrete batching plants in Indonesia, such …

Introduction of Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant

Introduction of Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant

Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant is a mandatory, efficient equipment, can produce plastic, dry hard concrete and other concrete, HZS series stationary concrete batching plant has high production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road and bridge construction and production of concrete products in the prefabricated plant, it is the ideal equipment for the production of …

HZS35 concrete batching plant

Haomei deliver HZS35 concrete batching plant to Indonesia

On 27, March 2017, we Haomei machinery deliver a set of HZS35 stationary concrete batching plant to Indonesia. Our customer come to visit our factory on the start of March, after discuss with our professional engineers to ensure the project design plan and choose the most appropriate concrete batching plant type, they decide to purchase HZS35 concrete batching plant, the …

HZS35 concrete batching plant

HZS35 concrete batching plant

HZS35 concrete batching plant is a small concrete mixing station used in engineering project, the mixer console using JS750 twin-shaft forced mixer, aggregate ingredients part adopts PLD1200 concrete batching machine, loader feeding, electronic scales measurement. Cement is stored by cement silo, conveying by screw conveyor, measured by cement weigher. Water is stored by the tank and reservoirs, water supply by …

haomei 60m3/h stationary concrete batching plant install in Manila

haomei 60m3/h stationary concrete batching plant install in Manila

haomei 60m3/h stationary concrete batching plant install in Manila, Philippines.the haomei 60m3/h stationary concrete batching plant of this series includes JS concrete mixer, PLD batching machine, cement silo and control system. It can produce various kinds of concrete including quaking concrete and hard concrete.  

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