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Stationary Batch Plants Models and Price

December 25, 2020

Stationary batch plants HZS series are the popular models which is welcomed by construction projects on the market. Whether it is used for engineering or ready mix concrete producing, the commonly used stationary concrete batching plant models are HZS25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 and 240. In addition, if there are concrete batching plant manufacturers tell you that there are models other than the above, then you should be vigilant. For some manufacturers who do not make huge profits, it is not impossible for some manufacturers to make a profit. For these large-scale machinery and equipment, I believe that users and friends do not know about them in-depth, if some bad manufacturer do some tricks on some equipment, it is not easy to find out. Therefore, Haomei Machinery is here to warn everyone: you must ask more and compare more before you can really buy qualified stationary concrete plantequipment.

stationary batch plants

The stationary batch plants can be divided into engineering type and commercial type. Suitable for engineering use are HZS25/35/50/75, etc. This type of concrete batching plant has a small floor area, is easy to move, and has relatively little investment capital, which is very suitable for engineering construction. Suitable for commercial use are HZS60/90/120/180/240, etc. The main reason is that the stationary concrete batching plant has a large output and a short production cycle, which can meet the needs of urban buildings for concrete. Whether it is an engineering concrete mixing plant or a ready mix concrete plant, each model has its own performance characteristics, but for users, it is important to suit themselves.


Choosing different stationary batch plants manufacturers and different configuration requirements, the cost of the equipment will fluctuate, and the prices of different types of control systems are very different, especially for the fully automatic control system. The components used are different, and the price difference is relatively large.

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