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Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale

December 21, 2020

As a manufacturer of concrete mixer machine for sale, Haomei have over 20 years experience and have good market reputation. Regardless of the product, if you want to become the mainstream of the industry, leading the development of related industries has its own unique advantages. Just like the self-falling concrete mixer in previous years, the reason why the self-falling concrete mixer is so popular is because of it. It solves the problem of people’s manual production of concrete, saves labor, improves production efficiency and production quality. The compulsory concrete mixer is the same. On the basis of the self-falling concrete mixer, it has been further improved.

concrete mixer machine for sale

What are the unique performance advantages of twin shaft concrete mixer machine for sale?

1, Hydraulic door opening and unloading, safe.

2, thicken the mixing drum, strengthen the wear resistance.

3, The integrally cast spiral stirring arm has high strength, wear resistance and low resistance.

4, high wear-resistant alloy cast iron liner.

5, Both the gearbox and the main shaft are directly driven by couplings, with long service life and high mechanical efficiency

6, 3.8m outrigger can be added according to user needs

7, The concrete mixer machine can be used with various commercial concrete batching machines and screw conveyors

8, The degree of automation is high, almost fully automatic production. Only the operator needs to monitor in the electronic monitoring room, which saves a lot of labor, and the mixing quality and production efficiency are also improved.


Moreover, the concrete mixer machine for sale is equipped with multiple shaft ends. Seal protection device and wind pressure seal protection device effectively prevent slurry leakage. The unique concrete mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the gearbox, unloading pump, and electric lubricating oil pump at any time.

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