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Stationary batching plants with long service

June 19, 2020

When buying stationary batching plants, customers not only look at the quality and price, but also attach great importance to one issue, that is, the service life. The stationary concrete batching plant equipment that customers do not expect to purchase has a short service life despite looking cheap. Our company Haomei Machinery specializes in the production of concrete batching plants to assure customers that the concrete mixers produced by our factory are reliable. The stationary batching plant equipment uses the wear-resistant alloy to ensure the maximum extension the service life of the concrete batching plant.

stationary batching plants

In addition to the best efforts of stationary batching plants manufacturers, customers can also extend the life of concrete mixers of stationary concrete mixing plant by doing so.
First, do a good job of checking before using.
Before using each shift, no matter what type of concrete mixer should be fully checked. In the stationary concrete batching plant, the inspection of the concrete mixing machine is particularly important, because the concrete mixing machine is usually sealed in the concrete mixing plant. The personnel in the control room cannot directly observe them, so they should enter the mixing building to check.
Second, the cleaning operation of the concrete mixer.
After the operation is completed, it is not so simple to stop the machine. It is important to clean the inside of the concrete mixer. Since the primary gel information of concrete is cement, it is difficult to clean up once you set, forming internal condensation in the mixing drum, which will eventually affect the mixing operation and increase the internal wear of the mixer. Therefore, customers should clean themselves after using the mixer. Large stationary batching plants have an active finishing system, making cleaning more convenient.

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