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Automatic mobile concrete batching plant

June 23, 2020

Automatic mobile concrete batching plant is a centralized concrete mixing equipment with automatic control system. The mobile concrete batching plant collect transports, concrete mixer, material storage, and discharges the whole to the concrete production equipment on the trailer unit. It is in the automatic operation mode of the concrete mixing plant during operation.

automatic mobile concrete batching plant

So, what are the advantages of automatic mobile concrete batching plant?
1, The mobile concrete batching plant equipment, except the screw conveyor and cement silo, the entire is checkable, the legs increase the height of the lower folding board, without opening all the control lines, the accessory can be taken away with the concrete batching plant. The mobile concrete batching plant is generally equipped with tires, towing the forefront, and in the signal drive device, the braking system is very easy to move.

2, Simple storage management, mobile concrete batching plant needs to harden the ground level and needs to be installed with a detachable 30T crane; when there is no temporary storage device to maintain transportation, corrosion-resistant.

3, All parts of the mobile concrete batching plant are split into several standard modules and loaded into several containers for transportation. It should be noted that all dimensions of all components of the transfer unit are smaller than the size of the container.

4, Compared with fixed concrete batching plant, automatic mobile batching plant has high mechanization, low labor intensity, reasonable price and cost advantage.

5, The general automatic mobile concrete batching plant only needs one tractor to complete the transportation work. The mobile batching plant has many varieties and strong professionalism. It can support horizontal cement silos and the overall height is low.

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