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Brief introduction of trailer concrete pump HBT80 series

April 10, 2017

HBT80 is a professional machinery equipment of trailer concrete pump. The main features of the concrete pump trailer are:concrete trailer pumps for sale

* pumping hydraulic system adopts closed loop system, the main pump and pump cylinder direct connection, the directional control valve is canceled, the system produce less heat and energy loss. With this system can make full use of the dynamic power, reduce the cost of pumping concrete.
* special closed loop is used in the main oil pump concrete axial plunger pump. Compared with open loop main pump: the rated pressure and speed is higher. Rated pressure is 1.2 times, and rated speed is 1.5 times of open loop main pump. Main pump has long service life and reduce the maintenance cost.
* PUTZMEISTER in Germany patent closed loop SN control system is used. At the distributing valve commutation instant, the pumping pressure peak cylinder push concrete, SN valve can automatic adjustment control the main pump flow, prevent stress peaks, prolong the service life of the host and the concrete conveying pipeline.
* independent S arranging reversing system can ensure the concrete tube is reversing really fast under any flow size. The reversing pump adopt Rexroth constant finale to the plunger pump, compared with the gear pump, it has the advantages of high pressure and long service life.
* distributing valve adopts S type, the clearance of glasses plate and floating ring is self-compensation, completely eliminate the phenomenon of slurry, reduce the probability of blocking pipe. When the transfer is completed, workers can add water to the hopper, directly pump the concrete out of delivery pipe, saves the concrete and makes cleaning easy.
* the perfect protection system: the system is equipped with power limiting valve, when the produce is overload, pumping quantity is reduced to avoid the engine stalled. The system is equipped with pressure cut-off valve. When the pipe is blocked, the system pressure is maximum, and primary pump displacement automatic back to zero, no overflow heat loss, the engine is in low load condition, delivery pressure has pulse impact, easy to solve the blocking pipe. If there is not the pressure cut-off valve, the engine is in a state of maximum load, even can flame out, this will reduce the service life of the engine.The engine protection at low speed. Engine speed is lower than 800 RPM, there will be no pumping to avoid the engine at low speed with work load. The hydraulic oil automatic cooling system. When the oil temperature is over 55 °, cooling fan work automatically to decrease the oil temperature. When the system’s highest temperature is over 90 °, the pumping is stopped in order to protect the system components. The pump suction air protection. When the oil temperature is too low or cartridge is dirty, vacuum gauge data is in the warning area, prompting the user to rise the oil temperature or replace filter before work, this will reduce the oil pump suction empty possibilities and extend the life of the pump greatly.
* integrated circuit control system. The system can accurately reflect the state of the work of the various pump, the imported parts, such as relays, sensors, lights, button, terminals are all imported components with remote control device.
* the machine adopts automatic centralized lubrication, it helps to prolongs the service life of the machine, easy to maintain. Even if the worker forget filling grease, the system can still automatic lubricating with hydraulic oil.
*modular design, it can adopt different power configuration according to users’ requirements, motor various as 55 kw, 75 kw, 90 kw, 110 kw. The product can be suitable for different working conditions, such as plateaus, deserts, tunnel and other special occasions.

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