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Analysis of the classification of the concrete pump

April 10, 2017

At present concrete pump has been fully entered into construction market, improved the efficiency, reduced artificial stress and the economy cost greatly. Today I will explain to you all the types of concrete pump. Concrete pump can be divided into three types, respectively pump truck, truck mounted concrete pumps and trailer mounted concrete pumps.concrete trailer pumps for sale

1. Truck mounted concrete pump relatively the same ease as the trailer pump, installation movement on the chassis is more convenient than the trailer pump. It’s advantage are fast to transfer job site, moderate purchase cost, simple operation, low use and maintenance cost, it is suitable within 60 meters to 200 meters building casting operations.
2. Pump truck is on the basis of the truck-mounted pump boom, it has big change in the flexibility, but the fabric limited relatively general below 50 m. It is especially suitable for the casting of foundation, ring beam, stair, pillar. But the cost is expensive, operation requirement is complex, use and maintenance cost is high.
3. Trailer mounted concrete pumps, workers should make sure the concrete tube arrangement is good in advance before work, and it is not convenient to change, this kind of pump is up to the trailer to move. Trailer concrete pumps can be used with concrete spreader, but the spread scope is small. It’s advantage is simple operation, low use and maintenance cost, it is suitable for higher than 60 m construction casting operation, especially suitable for senior or high-rise casting operations. The disadvantages are as follows: transfer operation site is slow, cumbersome pipelines assignments.

Every type of concrete pumps has its own advantages, users can choose the proper one according to the requirement of cost and output.

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