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Russia usher a new era of concrete construction

April 14, 2017

“China overtook Germany to become Russia’s largest exporter of machinery equipment.” Verband Deutscher Maschinen Und Anlagebau (VDMA) located in Frankfurt,said on April 11. According to the association’s statistics show that in 2016 China’s machinery equipment exports to Russia is about 4.9 billion euros, and exports of German machinery maker is about 4.4 billion euros. Russia usher a new era of trailer mounted concrete pump!trailer mounted concrete pump

According to the voice of the German radio station site on April 12, on exports to Russia at present, China’s suppliers have obvious advantages. Statistics show that in the German manufacturing machinery exporter rankings, Russia has slipped from 4th to 11th. Since 2012, Germany’s exports to Russia has decrease about a half. Overall, China mechanical total export is 132.2 billion euro in 2016, up 3.9% year-on-year. While Chinese exports to the eu countries only increased 0.4%, exports to emerging countries has a little bit of decrease. China’s annual exports to Russia increasing reached a staggering 70.3%. All these reports shows that Russia usher a new era of machinery equipment, and in the whole equipment scale,concrete machine is an important respect. When it comes to famous concrete machine manufactures in China, Haomei is the first one in my mind. We have big factory with workshops and specialized staff. The trailer mounted concrete pump have been exported to Russia and other countries all over the world. Trailer mounted concrete pump,also named as trailer concrete pump, it is Is a kind of small concrete pump using automatic operation system, concentrate feeding, mix, high pressure pump into one unit, which can mixing on site, continuous pumping, it improves the construction efficiency greatly. It also has the merits such as simple operation, stable performance and convenient movement. It is suitable for conveying large aggregate of small and medium-sized, foundation projects, such as: rural civil construction; the villages and towns and new countryside construction; mine, highway, rail tunnels and other construction; water resources and hydropower engineering;slope geological disaster management; based irrigation etc.

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