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Your trailer concrete pumps are too hot please cool them down

April 14, 2017

Recently the temperature renewed sharply, summer seems too hurry to meet us, and even higher than 30℃ appeared in some places, as our customers are spread all over the world, some areas in the tropics, temperature is even higher than 40 degrees. Although our trailer concrete pumps can be perfectly suitable for high temperature and other bad environment, but in the high temperature weather, when using a trailer concrete pump,there are some matters need to be noticed, so we can ensure the normal use of trailer concrete pump and improve the service life.tralier concrete pumps

1. strengthen the using management and maintenance of concrete pump to ensure the safe operation.
Drivers prepare summer heat protection facilities of the maintenance of mechanical equipment, seasonal maintenance, operation personnel according to the mechanical operation procedures in strict, maintenance personnel do maintenance job in time, ensure making full use of the optimal efficiency of equipment. Summary induction equipment information timely, grasps the safety technical indicators, strengthen the training of operators, encouraging them to improve safety awareness.
2. Pay attention to the operation position and time of pump.
General pump has a built-in cooling system, but in the weather of scorching sun, the using time of the pump cannot too long. If there is a cool place or shade tools, you’d better place the pump in the shade, it can prevent the pump shell from exposure.
3. To prevent pipe from plugging at high temperature.
At high summer temperature, pipeline is tanned under strong sunlight, the concrete is easy to dehydration, it will cause pipe to be stuck, so we should seal wet grass or other cooling products upon the pipe.
These are the advice to protect the trailer concrete pumps.

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