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Look here if you want used concrete mixer truck

April 14, 2017

Concrete mixer truck is main used to transport concrete or mortar mixture to the construction site. Due to the mixing tank is adjustable speed rotating stirring, the concrete mixer truck can transport guarantee not segregation, no setting coarse aggregate, maintain good workability in stipulated delivery distance and time. It is widely used in tunnels, railway, journey construction and all kinds of big, small and medium-sized construction site. Many friends want to buy used concrete mixer trucks for sale, because they thought the price is lower,but take all the cost into consideration,a new concrete mixer truck is a better choice, Haomei can offer you best product with concessional price. If you want to know more about it,here are the primary characteristics.used concrete mixer truck for sale

1. The equipment is simple and elegant,it can be connect directly with 5 tons, 8 tons, 12 tons of truck chassis.
2. Choosing hydraulic transmission equipment, does not rely on outside force, easy to transfer, transit body roll in a row, concrete won’t be pile, segregate.
3. The operation is succinct, one handle to complete mixing tank to centralized control, equipment is reliable and easy to repair.
4. Low noise, no dust, safe and reliable.
5. The current domestic advanced product is used in the hydraulic system, high quality stability, low failure rate. Various series reducer selects the best domestic product concrete mixing tank dedicated reducer, quality is reliable and durable.
6. Choosing high strength wear resistant steel plate of the mixing tank, durable.
7. The integration of the feeding port settings without material waste.
8. Slim volume, shipped loose, easy repair operation, small power consumption, energy saving effect is remarkable.
9. Leaf blade scheme is reasonable, the unloading residual rate is low.

Haomei machinery serial concrete mixer truck include different models with the capacity form 6 m³to 16 m³. Advanced technical product and reliable service supplied by specialized staff can satisfied all your demands. Please come to our wedsite to know more details.

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