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Can you manage ready mixed concrete batching plant well

April 17, 2017

AS we said before, we Haomei machinery offer professional service in whole process, such as installment,maintenance,bugging,repair and management. Today,we are happy to share the management guidance about ready mixed concrete batching plant with you.portable concrete batching plant manufacturers

(1)comprehensive planning
Comprehensive planning is premise and guarantee to make the mixing plant material manage orderly in the while process. It is mainly about raw materials management planning, taking participate in the construction organization design, material storage sites, roads planning, materials budget, the management of target materials. It should be finished before mixing.
(2) enter the site as planned
Enter plan is the basis of the mixing plant material management. The original organization materials enter into the site by instalments order according to the mixing schedule. On the one hand to guarantee the concrete production needs, on the other hand to prevent the waste materials.
(3)strict acceptance
Acceptance is the first pass to guarantee right material varieties, specifications, good quality and accurate number, it is the important guarantee condition to reduce the project cost with ensuring project quality. In accordance with the varieties, specifications, quality, quantity requirements of material, you should inspect the entry materials strictly.
(4) reasonable storage
Reasonable storage is the precondition of safekeeping, the assurance of the smooth production, the important aspect of cost reduction. Deposit the storage material in accordance with the requirements for the site layout, convenient in construction, to ensure that the road is smooth, safe and reliable principle, try to reduce the secondary handling under the principle of convenient construction,smooth road and safety.
(5) the safekeeping
The safe keeping is the guarantee of making full use of materials and cost reduction,according to the nature of every material, on the basis of material support technical requirements and the objective conditions, take various effective measures for maintenance, ensure that all the raw materials with no waste.
(6)control consumption
In accordance with the task of operator, according to the quota and relevant materials to the strict consumption control of quantity is an important mark for the control of engineering cost, is the important guarantee to realize the material saving;
(7)supervision and use
In accordance with the requirements for concrete supply and materials requirements, material which has been transferred to the hands of the operator, should be inspected in using process,supervise shift use materials rationally. Supervision and use is the main method to realize saving cost and prevent loss;
(8)accurate calculation
In converting form, through the study of the record, calculation, analysis and comparison of consumption activities,to find the consumption level. Accurate accounting is both a response to the expense period management results, and provide a basis for improvement in next management activities. In Haomei,you can find best ready mixed concrete batching plant!

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