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Attention please price is not the most important aspect

April 17, 2017

When buying a concrete batching plant, some philippines concrete batching plant customers pay attention to price most, they may find many concrete mixing equipment are a little expensive,but some are much cheaper. I want to tell my honored customers, equipment prices is conform to the market rule, if the price is much lower than the market price, please watch out, the equipment may be refurbished machines, refurbished machines is unsafe, when buying concrete batching plant in philippines, please check the equipment as follows, and do not be deceived.philippines concrete batching plant

1.Check the mixer overall appearance
A formal new concrete batching plant main structure has no obvious deformation, desoldering station, craze. Installation conform to specified requirements, spare parts and auxiliary equipment is complete, the machine is clean, with no rust, no apparent volume concrete.
The refurbished machine is flawed in detail, consumers should pay more attention to check it.
2.Check the safety device
To a formal new concrete batching plant,upper and lower limit device of the hopper is nimble and reliable. The clutch transmit power effectively, completely separation, reliable braking, hopper motor brake is reliable, no decline phenomenon. Concrete mixer wire rope’s compliance, quality and specifications are normal, wear and broken wires shall not exceed the stipulated, rope card conforms to the specifications, open gear and belt pulley shield is complete, hopper safety hook and safety latch on the tracks is complete and well. A refurbished machine can not be with this effect.
3.Check the transmission device
A new formal concrete batching plant transmission device operates smoothly,connection of every parts is reliable, gear is in good condition, the axial and radial clearance are in accordance with regulations, friction wheel wear shall not exceed the stipulated. Drive belt is consistence, forced uniform, no fault. The chain, sprocket is with no tooth bite phenomenon. Reducer functioning normal without noise, and with good seal. The motor work without abnormal sound, temperature rise within the rules. Good insulation performance and grounding requirements. We must remind philippines concrete batching plant buyers to choose formal manufacturers, the product quality is the most important aspect.

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