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The points of choosing mobile concrete batching plant

April 18, 2017

China is one of the most famous export countries.More and more  mobile concrete batching plant south africa clients want to choose Chinese concrete batching plants manufacturers because of the high quality and good reputation. What are the points we should pay attention to? Here we can talk about it.buy concrete batching plant

1, the performance label of the construction concrete
We need the performance label to choose the kind of mixing console. Such as water conservancy project must choose compulsory mixing console.
2, the construction concrete task quantity and time limit for a project;
With the two parameters to decide how to use the specification of mixing plant.
3, construction environment and construction object
When choosing to buy concrete mixing plant, we should consider the effect of construction object and environment fully, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality.
4, when the construction site of a one-time pouring amount is large with higher quality requirements, and no reinforcements near the station, we had better choose two specifications smaller mixing plants, or a primary -backup of double machine configuration.
5, if the traffic is inconvenience, the maintenance personnel in and out of the site need to spend a lot of time, we had better choose smaller the double machine plant with the same specifications, or prepare enough spare parts to ensure construction progress smoothly.
6, when the work is fragmented, but not too far, distance between the site concrete mixing transporter transmission radius is less than half an hour’s drive, dump truck transport no more than 10 minutes driving time, we had better use more mix plant and concentrate mixing in order to improve the utilization of mixing plant and construction of economic benefits.
7, operating personnel quality
In general, the structure and control system of a small mixing plant are simple, so the requirement for operation and maintenance personnel is lower. And larger concrete mixing plant‘s structure is complex and high degree of automation, so the requirement of the operating personnel is higher.
8, configuration choice
Manufacturers generally have mature product configuration, such as specification, quantity, variety, etc. You can make your special request when ordering the product.
Haomei can meet all the demands of mobile concrete batching plant south africa customers,when it comes to the quality, price, technology and reputation,Haomei is your best choice!

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