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Top three advantages of concrete batch plants

April 18, 2017

Follow the entire expansion of urban construction and road construction, concrete batch plants are an investment projects of many clients from Haomei, because the concrete batch plants have many advantages than others. Now er are going to talk the top three advantages.concrete batching plant <img src=

Concrete mixing plant of Haomei has perfect mixing performance, the equipment adopts spiral dual-axial mixing console, the mixer has strong mix ability, and can have a good mixing performance of the harsh, plasticity and various proportioning of concrete. At the same time, it s stirring well with high efficiency. Concrete mixing plant of Haomei not only has excellent mixing console, but also has all kinds of accessories, such as screw conveyor, measuring sensors, pneumatic components, these components to ensure the reliability of the concrete mixing plant in the process of operation, accurate measuring skills and long service life. At the same time the maintenance parts of  concrete batching plant have walk stage or ladder, and have enough manipulation space, mixing console can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, has the function of oil shortage and over-temperature automatic alarm function, with this function the equipment is easy to maintenance.
Concrete batch plants of Haomei are equipped with good environmental protection function, in the machine running process, powder manipulation are carried out within the whole block system, powder tank adopt the method of high efficiency dust collector/spray mist method to reduce the dust pollution to the environment greatly, at the same time, concrete mixing plant adopts muffler device on discharging equipment and pneumatic system, to reduce the noise pollution effectively.
Easy to be controlled. By using the computer control system, the whole site can ensure ongoing production control system automatically. The computer control system has dynamic panel displays which can show the operation of each part clearly. Intuitive monitoring interface can show observation of field clearly and accurately. And the work process can be printed.

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