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You will want to read this when looking for concrete batch plant

April 18, 2017

Building a concrete batching plant is not an easy thing, so choose the suitable concrete batching plant is the key, today let Haomei machinery tell you all the issues about choosing a concrete batch plant for sale.portable concrete batching plant manufacturers


1, selection of mixing console.
According to the construction of concrete performance label to choose mixing console. According to the mixing concrete material type selecting ingredients station and storage bin.
2, engineering specifications of the concrete mixing plant.
According to the construction of the concrete quantity and time limit for a project to decide how to use the specifications. Transportation vehicle volume is also decided to main types of important basis.
3, the construction environment of construction object
There are many factors influence the selection of engineering concrete mixing plant. We should consider the effect of construction object and environment to ensure construction speed and construction quality. The pouring amount is bigger when the construction site has high quality requirements, if there is no reinforcements near by, we had better choose two specifications smaller mixing plant or a primary a pair of double machine configuration. If the traffic is inconvenience, the site maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time on the road distance, we had better choose smaller with the same specifications of the double machine station, or prepare enough spare parts, to ensure construction progress smoothly.
4, operating personnel quality.
In generally speaking, small mixing plant structure is relatively simple, the control system is also simple. The original requirement for operation and maintenance personnel. And a larger stand structure is complex with high degree of automation. So when you are buying a concrete batch plant for sale,you should to consider several factors, the choice of the economic and effective concrete mixing plant equipment can avoid unnecessary economic waste.
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