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Twin Screw Concrete Mixer

May 27, 2024

Twin screw concrete mixer is a kind of commonly used concrete mixing equipment with double mixing shaft. Twin shaft concrete mixer adopts the working principle of double shaft forced mixing, through the rotation of two mixing shafts, the raw materials such as cement, aggregate, water and other raw materials will be mixed and stirred to ensure the uniformity and quality of concrete. The twin screw mixer is characterized by high mixing efficiency, uniform concrete and simple operation.

Twin screw concrete mixer, full name of twin horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, its working principle is based on the spiral mixing principle. The twin screw mixer is equipped with two horizontally configured mixing shafts, when the mixing shaft rotates, on the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum is turned upward, on the other hand, the mixture is pushed forward and backward along the axis respectively, so as to make the mixture get fast and uniform mixing. This design allows the material to be fully mixed during the rotation process, thus improving the physical properties of the product.

There are relatively more models of twin shaft concrete mixer, the common models of twin shaft concrete mixer are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000, etc. Different models are suitable for different scale of projects. The output of twin shaft concrete mixer depends on the model and mixing time and other factors, generally speaking, JS500 model twin-shaft concrete mixer each mixing output is about 0.5 cubic meters, while JS2000 model twin-shaft concrete mixer each mixing output can be more than 2 cubic meters. After market research, the general standard twin-shaft mixing plant produces about 25-200 cubic meters of concrete per hour. If the production time is 8 hours a day, the production of concrete is about 100-1600 cubic meters a day. The specific output may vary depending on the equipment model, working condition, material characteristics and other factors.

Characteristics of twin screw concrete mixer are:

High efficiency: good material mixing effect, short mixing time, saving energy and time.

Sufficiency: adopting double-layer mixing arm structure, so that the materials can be fully mixed in the process of rotation.

Uniformity: adopting the structure of contour plate, it can make the material form spiral flow and mix fully, thus ensuring the uniformity of the product.

Applicability: It is suitable for mixing a variety of materials, and can mix different forms of materials such as granules, flakes, powder, viscous and so on.

High degree of automation: Whether it is loading, unloading, or water supply, it adopts a high degree of automation, and all the motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe and reliable to use and easy to operate and maintain.

In a word, twin screw concrete mixer plays an important role in the field of concrete production by forcibly mixing raw materials through twin shafts, which is characterized by high efficiency, sufficient, uniformity, applicability and high automation. Meanwhile, its diversified models and stable output can meet the needs of different engineering projects.

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