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Four operating principles of the advance concrete mixer trucks

April 26, 2017

Haomei machinery has series models with different capacity, various from 6-16 m³. These advance concrete mixer trucks are mainly apply in long distance transport of mixed concrete. The concrete mixer truck of Haomei has the advantages of high efficiency and stability, good performance, easy maintenance. There are four operating principles in the working process.

advance Concrete Mixer truck

Mixing function principle:
Use the engine power transport by small shaft drives the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor rotation, then go through the reducer drives the stirring barrels. In the process of transporting concrete, the concrete mixing tank need to keep 1 to 3 RPM rotation at low speed to ensure the uniformity of concrete products, at the same time to prevent segregation of concrete, it referred to as the stirring.
Charging function principle:
the drum rotating speed is fast when the concrete mixer truck is loading concrete, the speed is 6-10 RPM, concrete through charging system from tank outlet catheter into the mixing tube, and go though the spiral vane flow in the mixing barrel part. Note: tanks rotation direction should be consistent when charging and transit, otherwise the concrete will be discharged in the process of transportation.
Discharge function principle:
When discharging, the engine took power by force, hydraulic pumps, reducer and transmit it to the mixing tank, drive the rotation of tank, at the rate of 3-14 RPM; Concrete move to to tank outlet direction under the push effect of blade spiral, discharged from the hopper of concrete mixer truck. The rotation direction of tank at the time is opposite to charging.
Cleaning function principle:
By using of air cylinder of the braking system pressurize the water tank, the water washing mixing tank system, loading, unloading system under pressure.
With these four operating principles of the advance concrete mixer trucks, Haomei has gained many praise from customers. But with the hard work of research and development staff, Haomei will provide more and more advance concrete product for you!

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