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concrete pump truck cleaning effect the performance so great

April 27, 2017

Concrete pump truck is one kind of models many construction units commonly used currently, it can not only stir at the site, but also can transport concrete. Concrete pump truck equipment due to long-term running environment impact and the special work character, will produce defiled nature and accident defiled gradually, concrete pump truck cleaning effect the performance so great. But what are the cause of stained?
Concrete Pump truck cleaning
1, do not clean up timely affect the thermal conductivity
From the structure of concrete pump truck, usually mixing pump operations power parts may produce high temperature and pressure, equipment thermal by itself thermal conductivity (such as transmission, the hydraulic oil tank, reducer), or secondary radiator cooling ( hydraulic cooling fan). If the concrete isn’t be cleaned in time is bound to affect the components of the thermal conductivity.
2, hydraulic tank and sprue waterproof flange damage
All kinds of dirty stuff once covered the hydraulic tank top, making the hydraulic tank filling mouth waterproof flange damaged completely, will lead to the oil filter assembly pressure gauge, tubing, walk stage completely can not see the original appearance. The stained for subsequent maintenance caused a lot of secondary damage factors. Such as filling the hydraulic oil, replacing the tubing will be concrete sand into the tank, result in oil pressure and oil return filter block and oil pump capacity is insufficient, Oil pump is in a state of oil supply shortage for a long time, it will leading to damage of oil pump.
3, hydraulic radiator assembly soiled
In summer, due to the concrete pump truck under a state of high temperature operation for a long time only with the hydraulic oil cooling fans, if the cooling system can not work effectively, its direct consequence is caused by hydraulic oil temperature increase, hydraulic oil temperature too high will accelerate the deterioration, damage the seal and colloid tubing, reduce the oil viscosity, cause hydraulic equipment wear and tear, weaken the lubricating ability and damage the seals, poor lubrication.
As concrete pump truck cleaning effect the performance so great,we should pay more attention on daily use and maintenance to save more cost.

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