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new concrete pump truck Common problems and solutions

April 27, 2017

When a friend buy a new concrete pump truck and use it for a period of time, they may find that the hydraulic system oil temperature is high, and it affect the usage of new concrete pump truck and the capacity. What is the reason of it and how we can maintain it? Here are the answers:

new Concrete Pump truck

The cause of hydraulic system oil temperature of concrete pump truck is too high and the elimination method is as follows:
1.The improper operation
(1) oil cooling fan is closed, you should open the cooling fan.
(2) after operation the leg out of action, do not let the leg oil and boom hydraulic directional valve handle dial back, left arm frame relief valve has been in a state of high pressure relief. Debug: put the leg oil and boom hydraulic directional valve handle in place, the unloading relief valve position.
(3) the water pump, air compressor to the valve handle is wrong in air compressor running position. Debug: that puts reversing valve handle in place.
2. The poor heat dissipation
(1) the hydraulic oil level of oil tank is lower than the lowest limit position. Debug: added the same brand hydraulic oil to normal oil level.
(2) water in wash tank is not enough. Debug: Full fill wash tank with water.
(3) oil cooler internal blockage or much surface dirt, result in poor ventilation. Debug: dredge oil cooler and remove surface dirt.
(4) cooling relief valve opening pressure is lower than standard values, creating the overflow, causing low fan speed. Debug: dispatch cooling relief valve opening pressure to standard.
These are the common reasons and solutions when a new concrete pump truck hydraulic system oil temperature is too high,if your concrete pump truck has one of these problems, please check it and maintain it in time, what you did may save a lot of cost!

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