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looking for best trailer concrete pump for sale

April 28, 2017

The trailer concrete pump also known as concrete trailer pump, it collects the function of concrete mixer and concrete pump together, can save the equipment purchase cost effectively, the performance of the trailer concrete pump is much higher than concrete pump + concrete mixer.If you are looking for best trailer concrete pump for sale, I must recommend Haomei machinery to you.

trailer concrete pump for sale

Now let me introduce the performance advantage of Haomei trailer concrete pump to you.
1, full power of the trailer concrete pump is small, can apply to all 4-10 floor building construction on-site power basically , in the case of the power supply is not enough, we also can match a small diesel power.
2, the trailer concrete pump adopts automatic operation system, cooperate with forklift feeding, fully mechanized operation, after mixing the sand and cement , pump the mix concrete directly to pouring point, two works are finished in one machine, the automatic system can not only improve the efficiency, but also saves labor and the cost of the building a lot.
3, the concrete after two mixing processes is more uniform, and the quality is better. In construction, the concrete will not affect floor reinforcement structure, the quality of concrete casting floor is better.
4, the trailer concrete pump can not only meet the demand of high height of large aggregate concrete conveying, but also can work over long distance, its extensive applicability makes trailer concrete pump can be easily used in most of the construction site, and the potential application market id large.
5, the trailer concrete pump combines traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump together, can move fast by a small truck or small loader quickly between several construction site, which can make full use of the equipment effect.
With so many performance advantages, Haomei trailer concrete pump for sale becomes the top product, what it can do is helping you with more capacity and more benefit!

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