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concrete mixer operation specification

April 26, 2017

As we all know, Haomei concrete mixer is a typical concrete machine. We can provide all the professional service you need, of course the concrete mixer operation specification is included. Today we will offer the professional guidelines to you.

Concrete Mixer operation

Concrete mixer operation specification requirements: fixed mixer control console shall allow the operator to see each work situation, instrumentandindicator are accurate and reliable, electric mixer control board should be mat rubber and drying wood. Transmission mechanism, working device and brake should be reliable fastening to guarantee the normal work. Aggregate size should be consistent with the performance of mixer, within the permission scope shall not be used. 2. Check before working: run idle firstly to check the mixing barrel or mixing blade rotation, the operation of each work unit, braking, confirm is normal, then the operation process can be started. 3. Work safety precautions: when feeding the materials, it is strictly prohibited to turn the head or hand between the hopper and frame to examine or explored feeding conditions, do not dig into mixing drum material discharging by hand or tools in operation. When the hopper rises, it is strictly prohibited in the work or walk. Charging should be working within the mixing barrel, adding new material should be made after all the original concrete mixer is discharge. In full load shall not be midway stop or start a blender, reverse discharging is expected. In operation, if there is failure and cannot continue to operate, the power shall be immediately cut off and the concrete within the mixing drum must be cleaned up, then maintenance can be made. 4. Operation safety precautions: after operation, conduct a comprehensive cleaning with mixer, if the operation personnel need go into the cylinder for cleaning, the power supply must be cut off, and there must have persons outside for guardianship, or unload fuse and lock the switch box, and then can enter. After operation, hopper should be landing to the hopper pit,the chain must be fastened up if the hopper rises.

These are generally the concrete mixer operation specification,you can get in touch with us if you have further request or service, please be free because we welcome you with great enthusiasm!

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